Caribbean sailing vacation 

Explore the Caribbean on your own private
charter yacht

Sample menu



served with freshly brewed coffee or tea, juices and fruit or fruit salad.  Bread, French toast  or pancake with syrup. French omelet, fried-, boiled- or scrambled eggs.  Cheese, marmalade/jam.





Salad: as potato salad, plantain salad, couscous/Tabbouleh salad, pasta tuna or artichokes salad with (homemade) bread and garlic butter. Wraps. Quesadillas with black bean salad. French toast.






Tropical pork chop or pork tender-loin with rice and veggie medley.  Fresh grilled fish (catch of the day) with curry potatoes and green salad. Tuna from the grill with ratatouille and couscous. Creole fish with sweet peppers and potatoes. Chicken with artichokes and noodles. Smoked chicken from the grill with okra-bodi and rice. Spare ribs from the grill.








cheesecake, mousse au chocolate, coconut mousse with rum bananas, pear Grenadines, Spanish flan, cake.







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