Caribbean sailing vacation 

Explore the Caribbean on your own private
charter yacht

Caribbean FAQ's

"We have (young) children, is that OK?"

We love children, and we want them to learn about sailing and island cultures in a safe and controlled way.

"Do I need lots of clothes and dressy attire?"

Not really, all our guests bring way to much luggage with them. You only need half of the clothes you think you do so you will need  shorts, T-shirts, swimwear, and beach cover-ups.



"What kind of luggage should I bring on board?"

Please bring soft bags which are more suited to boat life.


"Can I bring my CD's, I pods or MP3s on Horta?"

Yes of course! Feel free to bring any of your favorite tunes! We have 110 volt to charge your equipment

"Do I have to bring my own mask, snorkel and fins?"

We have masks, snorkels and fins on board Horta, but you never know if they will fit, so if you have bring your own.


"What about making phone calls during my charter with Horta?"

There are good phone signals in most of the islands of the Grenadines.

"Will I be able to check my e-mail while cruising the Grenadine islands?"

You can check emails easily by using our laptop, the WIFI is slow but fast enough to get your mail.

"What currency do I need to bring?"

St Vincent & the Grenadines accepts US dollars (USD) and Eastern Caribbean dollars (ECD), as does Grenada and most of the Caribbean islands.


The best sailing vacation/sailing holiday in the Grenadines.

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